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SonicAxiom's AVConvert - super-fast audio and video conversion/transcoding via media file context menu

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AVConvert helps you convert your audio and video files much faster. You simply right-click the files in Windows Explorer and trigger the desired conversion in the cascaded context menu - it's that easy! Wait a few seconds and the processed files will be available in the source files' folder. AVConvert's options will be shown in the context menu when you right-click a media file. You'll find options to convert files to other media formats, to losslessly extract audio from video files or to resize selected videos. The screen video shows some of the available context menu options (varying depending on the media file type).

AVConvert is provided free of charge and will work on all versions of Windows. File conversion is extremely easy and super-fast and there's nothing for you to configure. Select one or more files of the same file type in Windows Explorer, right-click one of them and choose the desired option. The conversion process will take just a few seconds - even for lots of files (in case of audio conversion). Many conversion types are completely lossless because AVConvert will rather transcode the files instead of re-encoding them (for instance Wave to FLAC). Transcoding between such formats is lossless both ways!

context menu with AVConvert's options

AVConvert offers the following conversion and transcoding options (for one or multiple selected files of the same file type):

AVConvert uses ffmpeg do do its magic. A help file is provided in the package but you can also download it here. The PDF file contains detailed instructions on how to install and uninstall AVConvert and also has a "hints and tips" section.

In case a desired conversion option is not available for a specific file type, convert the file to Wave first and then to the desired format. In case the conversion process fails, you have probably tried to perform an unsupported conversion. Delete the resulting empty file and try another option instead. In order to reduce the risk of file name collision, file names of newly created files will automatically get suffices like "-16 bit", "-44.1k" or "-720p".

AVConvert does not require an install via setup routine. It's required to be extracted into "C:\AVConvert" (this path is hard-coded and therefore mandatory). As soon as you double-click the provided "add" *.reg file, the context menu entries are added to the Windows registry and are immediately operational. Clicking a context menu entry will trigger a simple DOS batch file in the "BATS" subfolder containing the preconfigured conversion commands for ffmpeg. The utility can be entirely uninstalled anytime by dounble-clicking the provided removal *.reg file and will leave no traces whatsoever on your computer. After that, you can also delete the entire AVConvert folder. Please see the help file for more information.

Download for 64 bit Windows: SonicAxiom's AVConvert

Download for 32 bit Windows: SonicAxiom's AVConvert - 32 bit

Latest version: 2021-09-15 (release notes)

Important notice: AVConvert comes without any warranty. You may download and use it completely at your own risk and I explicitly refuse any liability in case anything goes wrong!

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